Poker etiquette

Each player, playing poker, pursues his own goals. Some people play for fun, others to get money, and others just to spend their time. However, at the table, there is some rules of poker etiquette, which adheres to the majority of players in online poker.
Rules of etiquette
If you have thrown off your hand, and the draw continues between your opponents, you should not write in the chat the discarded cards. Thereby you put other players in an awkward position, who will know the cards that have come out and lose or keep their stack. Even if you lie about the discarded cards, other players will still have to think and the distribution may end in favor of a completely different player. Besides, for this behavior, you can be banned from the poker room itself.
Often you can find an opponent who writes abusive messages in a chat to your address. You should not pay attention to this, and especially write such messages by yourself. You need to respect yourself and your opponents. And if you find such a bad opponent, simply turn off the chat or, in extreme cases, you can remember the player’s nickname and complain to the support service.
Long thinking before your turn
Often this behavior is inherent to beginners who like to think which action will be more correct. However, this is not always the case; sometimes players deliberately resort to such a move as one of the ways to make opponents mad or nervous. Do not do this, and try to value your time and the time of your opponents.
Dirty game
In online poker, there are different players who can resort to different methods for their victory. Naturally, the rules of etiquette are not for them, they are capable of playing a dirty game in order to achieve victory. And if to consider poker from the angle of making money, then such a game is quite acceptable for profit. Therefore, if you use poker as a source of income, it is worthwhile to be such a bad player who is able to ignore the behavior of opponents.