Poker teaches valuable life lessons

Many professional players are grateful for poker, not only because it allows them to pay their bills, but also because poker is an excellent teacher of life. Of course, sometimes merciless teacher. A teacher who sometimes becomes just insane, but nonetheless one of the wisest.
Poker showed me that you should not trust your feelings
Why poker exists at all? Of course, in every game, there are both losers and winners. In general, people tend to play only those games that, in their opinion, are beneficial for them.
Understanding this always put me in some confusion. Why are so many people exposed to this misconception? What prevents them from realizing their mistake? Why am I different from these people? Many will blame this ego without accepting the terrifying truth — you can never fully trust your feelings and be sure whether you win or lose.
The fact is that all your feelings are permeated with prejudices and illusions. Neurology, psychology, and also cognitive sciences constantly find confirmation of this. The deeper we study this question, the more we understand how essentially our perception of reality can be mistaken.
Often, I saw exactly what I wanted to see, unwittingly relying on the same patterns. I understood that an obvious game is not always so transparent, and my feeling that I am stronger than someone at the table is also very subjective. I decided to learn to withdraw from intuition in order to be able to question any sensations, and also to remind myself of the fact that I cannot be 100% sure of anything.
Poker has taught me how to control my emotions
By getting sufficient experience, you understand that emotional reactions are usually meaningless and even unfavorable for your goals. Of course, sometimes emotions are very important, but the ability to separate yourself from your violent reactions is the main condition for becoming a good poker player.
So, having played the required number of hours, your mind will become sharp, like a blade, and emotions will be completely cut out. This will give you the opportunity to sit quietly at the table, looking into the winner’s eyes without anger. After losing, you can accept your defeat, without anxiety, collect your money and leave from the table with a dignity.